You Are What You Eat,
Think and Do

Let’s Do It All Better

My Approach

God put fresh vegetables like kale, free roaming animals like cattle, and wild sea creatures like salmon on this fine planet of ours. Not Doritos. Not Quarter pounders. Not Coca-Cola.

He created those living things to nourish us with every single vitamin, mineral, and nutrient we’d ever need to thrive. He gave us all five senses to experience the taste, texture, and scent completely without distraction. And he provided our bodies with signals to indicate what to eat and when we’re full.

While he gave us everything we needed to be well, we lost contact with our instincts. We got pulled into the temptations of overindulgence with sweet treats, processed food-like substances, and inhumanely raised wild life. We started leaning on food for happiness, fulfillment, and the management of our emotions. And we began disrespecting and even hating our bodies in the process.

Now is the time to change that for good. If you find yourself in a cycle of making unhealthy choices or simply feel confused about how to approach eating in general, I’m here to help.

This is where I teach God’s original health principles—the basics to feeling confident in what your body, mind, and spirit needs to be fully nourished every day. Confusion free. Calorie-count free. Deprivation free.

I’m on a mission to show you how to shift your approach to choosing, cooking, and eating food so that you become the master of your health and your life—all with God’s message guiding you along the way.

Let’s work together.

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Mission Statement:
To revolutionize the way people eat,
move, and live with faith at the core.