Praise for Grenga Health

My entire reason for being here is to help others reach their goals and live in health. To experience gratitude from those I have helped is an even greater blessing.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

“Before connecting with Christina, I struggled with inflammation and discomfort in my stomach. I was unable to move the scale, even though I was exercising and eating “healthy”. With her wisdom, listening heart and practical next steps, I have never felt better-lighter and more energetic. Not only have my inflammation issues vanished, but I am educated with eating cleaner. I am equipped in listening to and trusting my body in it’s holistic relationship with the food I eat.”

Meg Calvin

“Christina took me on at a critical time in my life. After eight digestive surgeries, and a lifelong sugar addiction the timing couldn’t have been better. She helped me to believe I was important and deserved personal care. Her coaching included not only food and vitamins, but my personal ambitions/desires as well. My sugar cravings are almost non-existent. Prior to meeting Christina, I had great intentions but they were short lived. Exercise has actually become a welcoming habit for me. I take vitamins regularly. My habits are the antithesis of my past. Christina actually lives the life she encourages others to live. She practices what she preaches. Christina, words cannot express my gratitude for all you’ve done to help me. You’re the best!!! God bless!!!”

Debbie Carmeci
New Jersey

“I have tried more diet programs than I care to admit. My weight has fluctuated my entire 40+ years and myself esteem followed. I would lose weight and keep it off for a short period of time and then regain the weight. This was a repetitive pattern in my life. When I met Christina, she helped me to realize that my issue was not so much in losing weight, but it was in maintaining my weight. She also helped me to understand that there were other life factors that attributed to my weight fluctuations, which for me were stress and an unhealthy relationship. I was able to work through a core issue and refocus my attention back to my faith in the Lord. Thank you Christina!”

Donna Brenner
Delray Beach, Fl

“I was thrilled to participate in health consultation with Christina and based on the thorough questions asked during the evaluation, I knew Christina would be the right coach to work with!

One of my goals was to incorporate food that would provide more energy to burn fat. I also wanted to learn more about specific exercise techniques that would build muscle and also how to manage pain from overworked muscles or injury. Christina provided me with tools and understanding to making simple and small changes to my every day routine which would enhance my overall health and bring me closer to my goals.

Christina has a great desire in raising awareness of good health and her story and achievements are a true testament in her ability to help others meet their goals and live a healthy and productive life!

With her patience, enthusiasm, and willingness to share her knowledge, Christina will empower you to attain your health and wellness goals.”

Annette Barbieri
Tuckahoe, NY

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