Almond Crunch Energy Bites

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This snack is a crowd pleaser!

You will enjoy every bite! Your kids, family and friends will thank you. They are “no bake” so you can make them any time.

Nutty, crunchy, chewy and satisfying with a touch of sweetness. They provide a nice pick me up to boring snacks and they give you a boost of energy to boot.

The perfect snack anytime of day – a quick pick me up that will also satisfy! 

It’s so simple. Just mix together your ingredients and chill for ½ hour.

After chilling, roll your mix into balls about 1 inch round.

That’s it!

Nutty, chewy, sweet and crunchy!

You’re welcome!

Almond Crunch Energy Bites
Makes about 12 1-inch balls.
  • 1 Cup Rolled Oats (Gluten Free Bob’s Red Mill is my go to)
  • 1 Cup Coconut Flakes (sugar free) Try Trader Joes for these!
  • ½ Cup Chocolate Chips (Enjoy Life dairy free is my brand of choice)
  • ½ Cup Peanut Butter or Almond Butter (no sugar added and Organic if using Peanut Butter!!)
  • ½ Cup Flaxseed meal
  • ½ Cup Honey
  • 1 tsp almond milk
  • 1 Tbs Chia seeds
  • Optional additions * slivered or chopped almonds, sunflower seeds
  1. Mix together ingredients and chill for ½ hour
  2. Roll into balls about 1 round inch

2 Comments on “Almond Crunch Energy Bites”

  1. They sound great but it calls for a 1/2 cup of honey won’t that make me gain weight raise blood sugar I weigh 127 to 130 back in forth, do you have any tips . thanks

    1. Hi Brenda – 1/2 cup of honey for the entire recipe is not a lot per ball. But…that being said, you can cut it back to less than a 1/2 cup. Or you can substitute Brown rice syrup. The honey serves more than one purpose…first it sweetens them energy balls, it also helps hold them together and lastly high quality honey helps build your immune system and is actually good for you. But just because something is good for you, doesn’t mean that you can eat unlimited servings. One serving per day = 1 or 2 energy balls. Keep the rest in the refrigerator or freeze for longer term.

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