The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

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Weight Loss Mistakes

If weight loss is just simply a combination of diet and exercise, then why can it seem so tough?! Here are the three biggest mistakes people commonly make when trying to lose weight.

Trying to do too much at one time

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with everything you needed to do on a diet? The food to buy, the specific meal plans and cooking… it feels like an overhaul of your entire life AND THEN you’re supposed to exercise 6 days a week?! No wonder you were overwhelmed and couldn’t stick with it! We aren’t made to change 25 things in a day or even a week and all of sudden they are now supposed to be habits and part of our lives… no! It doesn’t happen that way.

Solution: change two things a week, max. Once you have it down, go to the next. It’s a progression. You can’t expect to go from 0 – 60 right away. Start with replacing one meal with a less processed meal or whole food. If you don’t exercise at all, start witThe three BIGGEST mistakes people make when trying to lose weight!h parking farther away so you walk more, or work out at home for 10 minutes. Take 10 minutes before bed to wind down and read. Point is, depending on where you are, that’s where you start and make progress.

Depriving or under nourishing yourself

You can’t starve yourself and expect to stick with a diet. You can’t deprive yourself of things you enjoy and expect to stick it out. If you do, once you’re done with the program, you will just go back to old ways and be back in the same boat. I hear a lot of people say that maintaining the diet is the most difficult and the reason for that is because you may have made extreme changes and didn’t change habits.
My nephew is a great example, he looked at his diet and lifestyle and realized there were three things that prevented him from losing weight and getting healthy. His were soda, fast food and chocolate. What’s the solution?

Solution: don’t deprive yourself. Uncover the best ways to enjoy the foods you love or find an alternative that satisfies you so you aren’t left craving. There are so many resources available. I happen to be an ice cream lover and I don’t eat conventional ice cream but I found an alternative that is just as if not more satisfying. What I eat tastes like ice cream without the side effects of real ice cream! Winning!

Not making a real commitment to change and take action

If you are only in it for the short haul, your results will reflect it. You’ll be in the same boat again soon.

Solution: take it slow, don’t expect to make all the changes right off the bat but be committed and start somewhere. Set up your vision board, look at where you want to be, how you believe you can get there, what you’re going to do to get there—be specific – I’m going to eat a salad every day or I’m going to try a new vegetable each week or I’m going to walk 10 minutes 3 times a week and build up from there. Decide to put on your sneakers when you get up so you do it. Make a commitment, tell a friend, get your friend to come along for the ride.

Still need a little help? Try my 10 Day Faith-Filled Detox – it won’t give you too much to do and it won’t deprive you! It will simply help you take action and feel great!

In health & faith,

Christina Grenga is a faith-based Certified Holistic Health Educator who works with Modern Christian women who are ready to quit dieting for good, lose weight naturally, and transform their life. Christina graduated from the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and is a Certified International Health Coach. She uses a Christ centered approach to guide women to create a balanced, thriving life.

2 Comments on “The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight”

  1. My wife and I are trying to make it a goal to get in shape but have been struggling. I like that you suggest taking it slow and setting specific goals to measure progress. We are frustrated with not seeing immediate results so we’ll have to try making it more manageable with smaller goals. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Absolutely Derek! We all tend to want things quicker, its certainly normal to feel that way. But if you think about it, how long did it take you to get out of shape or gain weight or ________ “fill in the blank with what you’re trying to change”. Let me know how else I can help you!

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