What If You Were More
Tuned Into Guidance from the Planet’s Original Nutritionist?

Would Choosing Healthy Foods Be Easier?

Would Every Bite Be Filled with Gratitude?

Would Your Health Feel in Harmony with Your Faith?


Because He Wants You to Feel Well, Always.

Find Freedom and Joy

He Wants You to Feel Free From…

  • Dieting
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Weight Gain
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Sleepless Nights

Anything that causes you daily discomfort.

You deserve to experience…

Greater Joy

More Energy

Body Confidence

And Love for Real Food

Hi, I’m Christina Grenga, Healthy Lifestyle Coach .


Through my own personal journey with chronic pain, I discovered that we don’t have to live life in survival mode. In fact, we can thrive. It took me many years to realize that my faith was completely disconnected from the daily decisions I was making about my health. Once I realized that God had already given me the perfect combination of fresh, healing foods, everything changed.

I shed excess weight.
I got relief from pain.
I fell in love with cooking.
I was led to a career in wellness.
And so much more.

I want you to feel the way I feel today.
That’s why I created a powerful program to get you there.


The Faith-Filled™ Detox

A Program that Reconnects You to True Wellness
with Faith at the Core

If you’ve been feeling lost, confused, and frustrated around food, this is the perfect way to press refresh. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll have a greater understanding of how to bridge your faith and your health.

This 10-day program will guide you in detoxifying your current approach to choosing and eating food, and matching it up with the lush selection of natural foods that God intended for you.



Gorgeous leafy greens
Juicy, red tomatoes
Roasted free-range chicken
Chocolate berry smoothies
Herb-infused salad dressings
And anything else that was grown or born onto this planet

What You Get

  • Your Faith-Filled™ Detox Guide that includes…
    • Instructions on how to clean out and upgrade your pantry and fridge
    • Detox recipes and a 10-day meal plan:
      • 10 energizing breakfast smoothie recipes that you can make-n-take with you on busy mornings
      • My secrets on crafting the perfect lunchtime salads that will change the way you view lettuce forever
      • 5 mouth-watering dinner recipes that allow you to mix-n-match veggies and proteins so you never get bored
      • Various snack and supplement recommendations that I personally use
      • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with me daily
    • 10-day grocery shopping list
  • Daily email that includes:
    • Daily detox tips and “to-dos” to guide you, hold you accountable, and reflect on your progress throughout the entire program
    • Scripture and daily devotions to link your faith practice with wellness
    • Self-care practices to keep you feeling focused and grounded

The Faith-Filled Detox
The Faith-Filled Detox Recipes
Scripture and Daily Devotionals
    • Post-detox meal planning guide to keep your food-prep in check after the program ends
    • 30-day fitness challenge to keep you energized and motivated.
    • List of top detox foods to incorporate into your diet regularly for optimum health
  • The Faith-Filled Detox Online and Digital

    What To Expect

    This detox has the potential to completely transform the way you feel in your body everyday. That was the case for me—after just 10 days of eating clean, whole foods, I noticed something extraordinary: my bloating had subsided, my joint pain had decreased, and for the first time, my brain felt clear and focused. Here’s why: I was no longer eating foods that were depleting my energy, messing with my blood sugar, and stressing out my digestive system. This is what the Faith-Filled™ Detoxcan do for you if you fully commit and follow it step by step.

    The detox may result in…

    • Glowing skin
    • Improved digestion
    • Reduced cravings
    • Increased energy
    • Freedom from pain
    • Loss of excess weight
    • Improved confidence
    • …and much more!

    Healthy Eating and Detox
    “The varied components of a whole-foods diet not only taste better, make you feel better, and prevent disease, but they are literally medicine. Mounds of scientific evidence point to the power of food as medicine. These “medicinal” foods are simply what our bodies are used to eating—fresh, unadulterated, slow-burning, high-fiber, vitamin- and mineral-rich, omega-3-plentiful, and phytonutrient-dense plant foods.”

    – Mark Hyman, MD


    • You have a feeling that your diet is affecting how you feel everyday (you’re absolutely right!)
    • You either wake up feeling exhausted or crash in the afternoon
    • You lean on coffee for energy
    • You crave sugar and carbs constantly
    • You’ve never eating healthy for more than a few days
    • You really want to feel better so that you can enjoy your life
    • You’re curious what God’s nutrition principles really are
    • You’d like advice from a certified health coach who has just as much faith in God as you do
    • You’re open to trying something new
    “Before connecting with Christina, I struggled with inflammation and discomfort in my stomach. I was unable to move the scale, even though I was exercising and eating “healthy”. With her wisdom, listening heart and practical next steps, I have never felt better-lighter and more energetic. Not only have my inflammation issues vanished, but I am educated with eating cleaner. I am equipped in listening to and trusting my body in it’s holistic relationship with the food I eat.”

    – Meg Calvin

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