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Christina Grenga

Founder, Grenga Health

Christina Grenga, CHHC, CIHC, is a wellness and weight loss expert, author and Christian health advocate. Christina lost her brother Bobby to cancer in 2010 and discovered her purpose in life and has been on a mission to learn, grow, transform and help others through that experience. Christina will not only inspire you but help you reach your goals by teaching habits and strategies so you can enjoy a lifestyle that encourages healthy living. Christina believes that our lives are not just about weight loss, how we look or whole food, but about whole self!

Christina is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Weight Loss and Nutrition Specialist and Group Fitness Trainer and a self proclaimed imperfect cook.

Christina graduated from the world renown Institute for Integrative Nutrition, She holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Missouri, and is a Revelation Wellness Certified Fitness Instructor.

Christina loves the beach, animals, good food and God! She has three Persian cats and lives in Delray Beach, FL

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My entire reason for being here is to help others reach their goals and live in health. To experience gratitude from those I have helped is an even greater blessing.

–Christina Grenga

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou


“I have tried more diet programs than I care to admit. My weight has fluctuated my entire 40+ years and myself esteem followed. I would lose weight and keep it off for a short period of time and then regain the weight. This was a repetitive pattern in my life. When I met Christina, she helped me to realize that my issue was not so much in losing weight, but it was in maintaining my weight. She also helped me to understand that there were other life factors that attributed to my weight fluctuations, which for me were stress and an unhealthy relationship. I was able to work through a core issue and refocus my attention back to my faith in the Lord. Thank you Christina!”

Donna Brenner
Delray Beach, Fl

“I was thrilled to participate in health consultation with Christina and based on the thorough questions asked during the evaluation, I knew Christina would be the right coach to work with!

One of my goals was to incorporate food that would provide more energy to burn fat. I also wanted to learn more about specific exercise techniques that would build muscle and also how to manage pain from overworked muscles or injury. Christina provided me with tools and understanding to making simple and small changes to my every day routine which would enhance my overall health and bring me closer to my goals.

Christina has a great desire in raising awareness of good health and her story and achievements are a true testament in her ability to help others meet their goals and live a healthy and productive life! With her patience, enthusiasm, and willingness to share her knowledge, Christina will empower you to attain your health and wellness goals.”

Annette Barbieri
Tuckahoe, NY
I am feeling GREAT! Ive been following for 24 days now! The last time I weight myself I had lost 10 pounds but I have not weighed myself since because honestly, it’s not about the weight anymore. I feel and look lighter and it’s truly about how I feel. My joint pain has gone away, my bloating has gone away, my digestion is finally getting back on track. I am sleeping better. I have been off my acid reflux medicine since I started. I am actually practicing self-love and trying to stay present and grateful. I am watching how I talk to myself about myself. I recite a little prayer in the am that has been really good for me. Work has been challenging for me and there were so many times I would have ‘comforted’ myself with food but didn’t. My body is different, I don’t have the same cravings! I literally crave my smoothies and my granola and apples. But mostly, I feel really good emotionally. I find myself thinking about doing so much more lately. Wanting to go place and looking forward to things. This program is amazing. Denise
I have successfully completed the program and I already feel so much better. I have been on more diets and programs that I care to remember. This was the easiest and the least deprivation. It has also been nourishing in another way…to my soul. The reminders to be in touch with my faith, to be thankful and humbled have calmed my mind and body, making it work more efficiently and with greater service.
Admittedly, I am one of those life-time dieters. My first at age 13, can you imagine? In those days it was peer pressure and body image, being that perfect clothes size, which was probably a 6 back then. Through the years, it was up and down 20-30 lbs. Fruit fasts, low carbs, grapefruit diets, apple cider vinegar, Weight Watches, South Beach, Atkins, you name it, I did it, with no lasting results. I have honestly not felt really well from food until I went on Christina’s 10 Day program. I lost weight, feel great and have a clear head. And more importantly, I began to listen that God gave us this perfect body and the way to maintain it. This philosophy makes so much sent to me and I’m eager to live it. It feels like a huge relief to say “no more diets for me”. Of course, I have a dress size in mind, one that fits my perfect God given body, but I will strive to do so with the natural healthy foods that I have been blessed with. I know it won’t always be easy, but I am committed to be the best person I can be and honor the gift that God has given me. Thank you Christian for putting me on this journey. Sandra
I’m not perfect but my eating habits have changed and I work out 4-5 times per week now. I’ve lost 25-28 pounds since October and put on some muscle with nice definition in my arms that I’ve never had before. Thank you for helping me change my mind set! Brett